Old guns and rifles which have lost their lustre through wear and tear, but not their value or sentiment to the owner, are lovingly restored to their original beauty. Broken stocks are either repaired and refinished or completely replaced with a copy of the original.

Custom Rifle Stocks

There are a large number of riflemen and woman with physical features which are not compatible with the stocks on their favourite gun or rifle. Most often than not, this will manifest in poor performance on the range or in the field. Strained muscles and excessive felt recoil may also be the result of a poor fitting stock.

Replacing that problem stock with a new stock, hand crafted around your specific physical and aesthetic needs, is a speciality of mine. Various stock designs are offered, viz. Thumb Hole, Glove Grip, Bench Rest Competition, Pre War Mauser and Mannlicher, English Classic, American Classic, Monte Carlo and my own profile that is based on attributes taken from classic German and English profiles.

Stock Finishing

I pride myself in providing a beautiful and easily maintained stock finish that will stand its ground against anything that is found in the gun rooms of the more renowned Gun Houses. Three grades of stock finishing are provided.

Hunter Finish

Stock is carved, sanded, whiskered, chequered and oiled and waxed.

Professional Oil Finish

Stock is carved, sanded, whiskered, sealed, chequered and hand rubbed with organic oils to a soft velvet lustre.

Classic Oil Finish

Stock is carved, sanded, whiskered, sealed, chequered and hand rubbed with repeated applications of a mixture of oils and drying agent, cut down and polished with rotten stone and polished to a beautiful “London Best” finish.


Every stock has its own character which will be further enhanced through the choice of chequering pattern, be it a functional or purely aesthetic choice. Although classic multi point wrap around patterns are executed, I do chequer more artistic contemporary patterns such as diamond quilt, fleur de lise, fill in and ribbon patterns (at additional cost). I will go far to accommodate the client’s request but will not hesitate to advise on the suitability of a particular choice

Custom Rifles

There comes a time in a rifleperson’s life where he or she feels the desire to own a rifle which has been specifically crafted to their individual need. Or maybe, you just want to give that one rifle that you love so much, a new lease on life with a full custom build over.

There is nothing which can compare with the excitement of planning that first custom rifle, i.e. deciding what action to use, what barrel and barrel profile to use, choosing the various custom accessories which will compliment the rifle style and design.

The anguish to select the right stock blank, especially with so many colours, textures, grain and kinds of trees the blanks are harvested from. Being measured and then watching the progress made with the various stages of production till eventually you have the pleasure to hold that rifle in your hands.

I enjoy this process just as much as the client. Every project becomes a journey which will normally result in a long lasting friendship with the client.

Custom Metal Work and Finishing

Although I specialise in custom stock and rifle building, I do enjoy making accessories such as quarter ribs, rear sight saddles, Rigby style floor plates, re modelling magazine boxes, Rigby style floor plates and ramp front sights, etc.

All other custom gunsmith work, such as action blue printing, head spacing, feeding, barrel profiling, blacking or hot salt blueing, are outsourced to carefully selected gunsmiths, each renowned for their specific field of expertise.


If the client so wish to have his metal work embellished with engraving, the client is introduced to select master gravers depending on style preferred. If not, I offer minimalistic border and stippling work on all reflective surfaces.