Stocks and Stock Blanks

Turkish and English walnut is my personal preference for stock wood. Alternatively American Bastogne and Claro walnut are good budget options. I do not carve stocks out of indigenous (South African) wood because I truly do not believe that local wood are suitable for gunstocks. They just do not have all the attributes necessary to make good stock wood. Due to circumstance I do not keep private cache of blanks. However, I do assist my clients to select the correct blank from various suppliers abroad with whom I have excellent business relationships.

I do not supply synthetic stocks. Laminate blanks are carved as budget option for clients. The latter do not imply that my worksmanship or production cost will be compromised just because a laminate blank is a budget option. In special cases clients will be assisted with sourcing ready drop in stocks from large gunstock suppliers such as Wenig’s, and Boyd’s.

Actions and Barrels

As with stock wood, I do not keep the above items in stock, but source them for the client based on his/her preference and budget. The most preferred action for me remains the Mauser 98 and its generics like ZKK 600, 601, 602 and Winchester pre 64 actions. The DWM systems such as the Brazillian 1909 and the Mauser Standard Model made in the Oberndorf Factory are superior to any of the other M98 actions. Brno Z24 and Brno G47 actions are also particular favourites of mine, with FN solid wall actions running a close second. These actions are becoming very hard to find which necessitates sourcing actions from present day action manufacturers, but obviously at a premium. These include actions manufactured by Mayfair Engineering, Rocky Mountain, Prechtl, Hatrmann and Weizz , Satterlee Arms and Dakota, to name a few. I have also used actions from Montana, CZ550 , Winchester, Remington and a few others, with great success. There are a few local manufacturers who have recently started production. They must, however, still prove to be able to stand up next to the mentioned actions.

From a budget and local availability point of view I recommend ZKK 600,601 ,602 , CZ 550 Medium and Magnum actions and Winchester Safari Model 70 Magnum.


I believe that a standard barrel, which is fitted, according to the highest engineering standards, are superior to a match grade barrel poorly fitted. It is not in the name of the barrel but the skills of the guy fitting that barrel. So if you combine the two then you will get the maximum result. It is for that reason that I use only the best accuracy specialist gunsmiths locally available to fit my barrels.

I recommend only barrels of the quality of Walther Lothar, Border, Shilen, Kriegler and Broughton, in order of preference. As with the other products I will assist the client to source the barrels from local sources or direct from manufacturers abroad.

Custom Built Rifles
My custom rifles are all made with the same degree of precision, quality and workmanship, regardless of components used and finish desired. I will never compromise on quality for budget sake. However based on choice of components and finish desired, rifles can be graded as follows:

The Hunter Grade

These are low budget custom built “working” rifles. They are usually built to accommodate telescopic sites only, laminate/lower grade walnut stock wood and the basic metal accessories. If open sights are preferred only fixed blade rear sights and standard front sights are supplied, or none at all.

Professional Grade

These rifles are mid range budget rifles. They are stocked in wood selected from the mid range of grades AAA to AAAAA. Only commercial barrelled actions, regardless of calibre, are used and fitted with full range of accessories of client’s choice. Minimalistic engraving is included in price. A professional grade of metal, wood finish and chequering is provided.

Imperial Grade

My Imperial grade rifles are designed and built for those that will not accept anything less than the best in quality of workmanship and quality of components selected. These rifles are my best quality hand crafted rifles, using the best available actions, barrels, wood and custom accessories. They are finished according to the highest possible standards I can achieve using the best classic techniques and materials at my disposal. Minimalistic engraving is included. Rifle case, knife and full cover engraving optional.

Supreme Grade

Same as above but comes as package deal with full coverage engraving , rifle case and knife.


Most custom accessories, such as front sight configurations, banded barrel swivel studs, rear sights and saddles, cross bolts, grip caps, two screw stock swivel studs, flag safeties, triggers and scope mounts and rings are sourced from German Manufacturing concerns. Those items that do not fall within the client’s specific need, are custom made in house. Such items include full quarter ribs, three quarter and half ribs, special floor plates, top and bottom tang extensions, stock ovals and crocodile recoil stock inserts.

Custom knives
I have extended my product line to include optional hand crafted fixed blade hunting knives of standard design to compliment the custom rifle provided. The handle material is made from the off cuts of the wood used for the stock. Knife is included in Supreme Grade rifle package,
Rifle cases
My premium classic range includes a beautiful handmade oak and leather covered rifle case, locally supplied by renowned maker.

These cases are also available as an optional extra for any of my rifles.